Say It Scented Candles


About Me


I’m Veronica, the face behind Say it Scented Candles. 

I started my small business in 2021 making luxury scented hand-poured candles and wax melts.   My business was born out of a desire to have scented candles and wax melts that have a deep, rich lasting fragrances to fill my home.

I have always loved fragrance, it lifts me up! How a fragrance can change how you feel and how beautiful memories can be sparked by different scents.

With a passion for all things eco-friendly and ethical, I use only the finest natural and sustainable ingredients. Minimising the environmental impact of my business is at the forefront of every decision.  I use recycled, eco-friendly and plastic free packaging wherever possible.

Making candles and wax melts is really a labour of love and I hope that you enjoy all of my products as much as I have loved making them for you!